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Restoring a painting in 1971
Restoring a painting in 1971

1951 Born on the 2nd of September in the smallest county in England called Oakham now known as Rutland

1955 till 1965 Student at the Royal Academy of Dancing-studied Classical Ballet

1966-1971 Apprenticeship for restoration of oil paintings under the tuition of her father Zsolt Némethy

1971-1974 Worked with her father in his studio as a professional restorer, later became a member of the I.I.C., Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

1974-1979 Opened a studio for restoration and conservation of oil paintings,specializing in 18th -20th century art, in Düsseldorf,-West Germany.

1980-1985 Returned to London to pursue her career and work as a painter, specializing in the painting of portraits.

1985 She opened her Studio for Art in Puerto Banus-Marbella - Spain where she worked actively until 1992.

1992  Moved to Hungary due to personal reasons.


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