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Passion in art
2008. december 15. 12:33:29 | magyarul

Passion is more than a strong emotion, it is an overpowering feeling, enthusiasm to the extreme, so profound that once it begins to surface, nothing can suppress it. Like a volcano before erruption, passion can be channelled into everything we do, by this I mean, it does not only show itself in a moment of intimacy but also in a vocation, a life of dedication. It simply travels through our feelings making itself felt in all that we do:  Passion is within us all, but often remains dormant throughout a lifetime.

Passion must become a part of life for it to remain consistently alive. This feeling of passion can be aroused by a special scent or sound- through music  a voice, touch or vision: impressions that we collect with our eyes are channelled through the mind into the depths of the subconcious ,storing these jewels until they are called for. It is from this profound depth inside of us that passion lies; it can remain locked away or released simply by the power of the mind. Negative thoughts and attitude can kill this strong yet delicate feeling; whereas positive thoughts and attitude are the key which allow entry into this profoundly mysterious dimension.

My life has always been filled with passion as far as I can remember and this is inevitably reflected in my work. I am far from ignorant or oblivious to the negativities which surround me, but try to comfort myself with the deep belief  that lies within, thereby managing to overcome negative influences that may surround me. Without negative there would be no positive,they work hand in hand,our awareness helps to differentiate.

Power of the mind is far superior to that of the body, this I developed through my dancing years at the Academy and later during my apprenticeship.We must  learn to accept that our body has a mind of its own.........mind over body.....this they taught me at a very early age,with this thought  I learned to overcome many difficulties throughout  my life. The power of memory outlives the cells in our structure that keep us alive and constantly renew themselves throughout a lifetime.......however, what they leave behind is memory. Our thoughts are of tremendous importance to the progress of our inner spiritual and soulful journey.

Science has an abundance of answers to many questions regarding the human structure, but one state which they fail to penetrate, but are slowly beginning to accept, is how and where do we find the power of life.... what builds emotions and fears, strength or weakness, love or hate, positive and negative.

Passion is something  supernatural which is totally independent from all the chemicals that we produce in our bodies and with every thought that we channel through our minds.

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