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Dream painter?
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Like the Pyramids or the Atlas mountains, the Concha has similar magnetic energy. The Concha is a mountain to be found near the Port called Puerto Banus - Marbella in Andalucia,in the southern part of Spain. The word "Concha" in Spanish means" Conception".

"An artist who is fortunate enough to live in the vicinity, will definately feel the effect of this magnetic source enriching ones fantasy, making it more colourful and unusual" At least that is how Katalin Némethy the artist thinks and feels. Her style and technique developed most during those seven years that she spent living and working at the foot of the Concha, which could be seen everyday from her studio window while sitting at her easel. It was the strong influence of her surroundings that contributed to a surreal style in her paintings to this very day. Prince Alfonzo of Hohenlohe moved to this barren area in the '60's bringing with him other friends of aristocratic background, of course they were all wealthy enough to turn Marbella into an area of sophistication. The founders of this league originally came from England, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Not to mention the wealthy Arab families of Royal background, who built Palaces resembling there own which they left behind in there native Arabia. There are villas to be found with such personalities as the Bismark family and Sean Connery, Antonio the famous dancer Prince Schönburg and many, many more. The Arabian King Feisal built a Mosque and his villa was designed to resemble the White House in Washington. In the '70's Marbella and its surrounding area developed considerably, to date it is classified as one of the most prominent and extremely expensive holiday resorts in the world, the Golden Mile, that is how they call Marbella. The climate is very mild and pleasant, never too hot, therefore a wellness Center called Buchinger Clinic was constructed and famous people from all over the world spend a few weeks in the year restoring not only their health but also their forms, for a vast amount of money. There are at least 44 golf courses with18 holes reaching International standards, all waiting for the multi millionaires. There is another side to this crazy, wealthy elegant and superficial lifestyle... one where a sensitive soul can find peace and tranquility, enrichment for the spirit and the soul,surrounded by beautiful natural qualities that inspire and broaden the colourful palette of the imagination... at least according to the artist Katalin Némethy. She gave up her lifestyle in London and Münich for this new taste of freedom-her father Zsolt Némethy was a renowned portré painter and picture restorer who taught her all there is to know about being an artist-so despite having studied classical ballet for many years at the Royal Academy of Dancing in London, she gave this up for the colourful and exciting life of  being an artist."

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