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1989. szeptember 1. 14:55:43

Katalin Némethy is of Hungarian origin, she was born in England in 1951, and descends from an artistic background of portré painters. She followed in her ancestors footsteps as an art student,  restorer of oil paintings in Germany and later as a full time professional artist. Although strongly influenced by surrealism, she does not seek to bring about changes in our society, or in making strong convincing statements, but  strives to express an honest feeling of passion and love, towards her work.She belongs to those Artists who have returned to their easels for the mere passion of painting, uncalculated and oblivious to surrounding negativities,allowing no negative influence to enter her work and never conforming to fashion.

Her paintings are depicted with a certain detachment, thereby attributing little importance to daily insignificances, making them all the more unambiguous interpretations of inner tranquility. They give an impression as if having come from the profound depths of her dreams, often with unpredictable areas of colour, mysteriously counterpointed by geometric and kinetic movement and form. The human figures and forms are often divorced from their natural environment and function, being placed opposite one another in an unexpected relationship perhaps at times shocking giving them new presence. The paintings are like enigmatic codes not only do they involve the eye but magnetically draw the observer to read the story behind the composition, reflecting upon every detail, which clearly mirror her ideas and emotions.Quite often this tends to baffle the eye and confuse the mind, making it all the more interesting - "The object with a symbolic function"-  Her paintings are seeking the language of the spirit and of the soul, an orientation of the spirit, stripped of all logical device, directed completely towards the elsewhere.

By viewing Katalin Némethy's paintings one needs time to understand the full story, the theatrical arrangement of her personal fantasies which touch the concious or unconcious of the viewer, reaching into the mysterious and metaphysical. Her works belong to new era of art which certainly cannot be classified as reactionary, they are not trying to advocate uncommited relativism, but strive to show a pronounced openness and total liberation of the spirit, beauty of form and design and symphony of colours.

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