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On the way to the World Fair, "The Liturgy of Life" 1992
1992. március 31. 12:42:22 | magyarul


Quite often inhabitants from the surrounding towns and villages, visit Budapest drawn by their curiosity, to see what has arrived from Western Europe. Often there is suspicion surrounding such events: probably because the goods that arrive together with their owners are not always the ones from which we can expect to become richer or gain new ideas. Although it is different in this case......one of  imagination....... another world. The world of an artist who has channelled all her moments of reality combining them with the reality of her dream world into the subconscious, from which the paintings are born.Here we see in a positive sense, the many intricate layers of the soul belonging to an Artist from Western Europe. The paintings are technically and logically structured in an extremely precise and diligent manner, showing us a picture of the world where the physical and spiritual sense touch one another with the aid of a brush, oils and the talent of an artist.There are ten-twenty-almost thirty large sized portraits, nudes and figurative oil paintings to be seen making us wonder what brought this young woman here... having lived and worked in places like London, Düsseldorf and Marbella...

...One can read the paintings and come to the conclusion that this artist has a vast amount of experience behind her to have come so far not only in structured technique and matured style but also extensive spiritual depth, this is no doubt felt when coming face to face with her suggestive compositions. The artist paints in oils and the vast colours of the  scale confront eachother constanly yet harmoniously, in many respects. She favours the figurative especially the beauty of the feminine body.......makes one think that she enjoys portraying herself in these forms, but that is only at first glance, on second and third glance we discover the refined manner in which she catches the onlookers attention with these feminine forms, holding the eye to study the depth behind them and that the nude is therefore not the centre of attention at all, but an introductory process to the meaning of the composition itself. The car, a Porsche for example can be as relevant and important in the mozaic of symbols as the apple which Adam and Eve are holding. The head of Adam cannot be seen, instead there is a large circular form containing four half circles with Chinese symbols written in red. A large area of the painting is green in colour and this, until now passive composition,is excited by the appearance of a snake by the side of Adam and Eve coming out of the green boundries. We discover various draperies, ornamental symbols, the palm of a hand, cabbalistic symbols, above all this, the eye of the Almighty shining its ray of light onto the whole composition, as if a statement was being directed at the whole world. How many levels does the artist build onto each painting  to achieve the complete structure as a whole! The next painting which caught my eye, was titled "Chakra and Beyond"-here we have a nude woman sitting in the Lotus position, strongly resembling the artist herself. She has seven Chakra points painted onto the different energy points of her body, there is the palm of a hand in which the woman is sitting and the face of Christ receiving the kiss of treason from Judas.At the bottom of the painting we can see drapery and a woman with outstretched arms, distancing herself from the whole meaning of the painting. Again one can only say, that every form and body shine individually in all of her paintings. This artist touches on many aspects which occur in our lives, whether they be extremely intimate, spiritual, soulful or simply mundane, but giving them a special meaning with her unusual settings and symphony of colours. We spoke for a long time and she showed tremendous patience towards my questioning, I learned that all her ancestors of artistic background descend from Debrecen and that she studied for many years classical ballet, this accounts for her slender lines.She graciously gave me a number of catalogues and told me that she will now be going to Barcelona for a small exhibit and then Seville.There are several contact addresses to be found in these catalogues not only in Hungary, but Spain, Germany and Switzerland. I can honestly say that I have met an Internationally known artist for the first time in my life and to top it all she has such names in her clientel as Lady Di the spouse of his Royal Highness Prince Charles. When I look at the head of David from Michaelangelo, painted in a symphony of colours, I ask myself, how long will this excitingly beautiful vision remain in my mind?

András Farkas

(Translated from Hungarian language)

backSource: HORIZONT, HÍRLAP 1992 March 31., Tuesday

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