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Passion in art
2008. december 15. 12:33:29

Passion is more than a strong emotion, it is an overpowering feeling, enthusiasm to the extreme, so profound that once it begins to surface, nothing can suppress it. Like a volcano before erruption, passion can be channelled into everything we do, by this I mean, it does not only show itself in a moment of intimacy but also in a vocation, a life of dedication. more...

Biography at a glance
2008. december 15. 09:28:40

Restoring a painting in 19711951 Born on the 2nd of September in the smallest county in England called Oakham now known as Rutland 1955 till 1965 Student at the Royal Academy of Dancing-studied Classical Ballet 1966-1971 Apprenticeship for restoration of oil paintings under the tuition of her father 1971-1974 Worked with her father in his studio as a professional restorer. more...

The first telephone cards design series
1992. december 16. 17:00:39

Katalin Némethy designed the first telephone card series here in Hungary in 1992 more...

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