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On the way to the World Fair, "The Liturgy of Life" 1992
1992. március 31. 12:42:22

Quite often inhabitants from the surrounding towns and villages, visit Budapest drawn by their curiosity, to see what has arrived from Western Europe. Often there is suspicion surrounding such events: probably because the goods that arrive together with their owners are not always the ones from which we can expect to become richer or gain new ideas. more...

Dream painter?
1992. január 1. 23:52:44

Like the Pyramids or the Atlas mountains, the Concha has similar magnetic energy. The Concha is a mountain to be found near the Port called Puerto Banus - Marbella in Andalucia,in the southern part of Spain. The word "Concha" in Spanish means" Conception". "An artist who is fortunate enough to live in the vicinity, will definately feel the effect of this magnetic source enriching ones fantasy, making it more colourful and unusual" At least that is how Katalin Némethy the artist thinks and feels. more...

An idea that creates tradition
1991. szeptember 26. 22:54:10

A special event was hosted by Bükfürdő Golf Country Club,on the 26th of September 1992: there was a Raffle at the International Golf Tournament and the fortunate winner became the proud owner of an original large sized oil-painting by Katalin Némethy titled "Genesis".A part of the proceeds from this raffle were received by "The Petö" Institute for children in Budapest,which the artist  donated and presented personally to the Director of the Institute. more...

1989. szeptember 1. 14:55:43

Katalin Némethy is of Hungarian origin, she was born in England in 1951, and descends from an artistic background of portré painters. She followed in her ancestors footsteps as an art student,  restorer of oil paintings in Germany and later as a full time professional artist. Although strongly influenced by surrealism, she does not seek to bring about changes in our society, or in making strong convincing statements, but  strives to express an honest feeling of passion and love, towards her work. more...

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