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Kertesz29 Gallery (available right now)2011
Sevilla "World Fair"1992
Barcelona Gaudi Gallery1992
Budapest Csontváry Gallery1992
Marbella Bienal de Arte 911991
München, Dr. Toft & Dr. Hoogland1990
Düsseldorf, Bernutz-Rin-Ke Gallery1989
Düsseldorf "Victorian"1989
Marbella, Buerto Banus Gallery "The Red Shoe"1988
Marbella, Hotel Byblos Gallery, Seegmüller1988
Marbella, Buerto Banus Gallery, Artoro1986
New York1982
London Vianello1980
Düsseldorf Interconti1978

spacerEditorials and Publications
National newspapers1992
"European" Magazin1992
"Take Off" Hungarian Airline1992
"Nők Lapja" Budapest1992
Hungarian Television1992
"Elite" Budapest1992
"Playboy" Budapest1992
"Otthon" Budapest1992
"Taps" Budapest1992
Publication Gibraltar1992
"ESTD" Publication Masabella1992
Editorial Gibraltar Chronicle1990
West Deutsche Zeitung, Düsseldorf1989
Rheinische Post, Düsseldorf1989
"Style" Magazine1989
Editorial "Men's Style" Magazine1989
Editorial P. Romano Marbella Magazine1988
Interview with Radio Cadena-val1988
Editorial Tribuna de Marbella-ban1988
Poster design for "Miss Tourismo Espana '87"1987
Editorial front cover "Marbella Today"1987
Charity - auction for C.A.S.1987
Editorial front cover "Marbella Today"1986
Charity - auction for "ASPANDEM"1986
Interview with Radio Cadena1986
Editorial Tribuna de Marbella1985

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