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"My window to another world"...

Is "where two worlds touch"....... a world of dreams and a world which is my reality. Since early childhood vivid, colourful dreams have been a part of my life and are of vital importance to the structure of my surrealistic paintings. These dreams rich in symbolism, surrealism, strong in substance and content, have become a crucial part of my life as an artist, often quite Surrealistic in style. Salvador Dali's Art and Literature, guided me along the path of my career from the beginning to this very day. The great master of Surrealism enlightened me to concentrate on my dreams and their reoccurring symbols, as he himself relied on these elements for his fantastic compositions. Over the years critics and art-historians have classified my art, technique and style as: Symbolic Art, Surreal Art, Pop Art, Decorative Art, Dali style and above all Dream Painting. This never bothered me at all, in fact it gave me great pleasure to realize how difficult it was to classify my work in "ism's" thereby granting it individuality. Dali once wrote the most important thing to achieve for an artist of substance and quintessence is "to baffle the eye and to confuse the mind"...well he was a great master in doing so, but any artist possessing talent and patience to execute and develop a style of their own, will achieve this without a doubt. Having read most of his books about himself his philosophy, hidden secrets and of course surreal art, I am led to feel extremely humble but grateful for the volume of knowledge and guidance he has given me over the years. He opened many doors answering an abundance of questions which were impossible to solve without masterful guidance. Combined with the skills and experience which I acquired over a period of twelve years as a professional picture restorer and my passion for painting, encouraged me to strive for the maximum. Not only in my surrealistic style and composition but also in the building up of technique from the primary foundations to the last brushstroke- "Quintessence" is what Dali, the master of surrealism set as a goal with every painting he ever accomplished. He also believed that his hands were guided by Angels showing a touch of humbleness in his extremely extravagant style and personality. This is also my belief, talent alone is nothing without metaphysical guidance, endurance, patience and extremely hard work- these are the ingredients necessary to master the passions of Art.


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